7 Best GoDaddy Alternatives to Benefit from in 2022

GoDaddy is the biggest and most famous name when it comes to purchasing domains and hosting. It offers a lot of services including website builder, emails, SSL certificates, domain name registration, hosting and the list goes on. Yet it is not always the most promising and inexpensive in the market. That’s Why In this Article …

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84,000 websites were affected by a high-severity vulnerability in three WordPress plugins

Researchers uncovered a security weakness in three different WordPress plugins that affect over 84,000 websites and might be used by a malicious actor to take control of them. In a report released last week, Wordfence, a WordPress security company, noted. “This flaw allowed an attacker to change arbitrary site settings on a susceptible site if …

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Best WordPress Hosting Convesio [2022]

Have you heard about the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio? If not then keep reading. We all know that WordPress is a famous CMS that has made the lives of webmasters easier. It makes the website design and management simple. To have a successful blog or website, you need to know what hosting is. There are …

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5 Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins [2022]

Want to keep hackers miles away from your WordPress blog? Check our Best WordPress Malware Removal Plugins. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should never underestimate the efforts of hackers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain it to you later in this article…. Malware and viruses are everywhere, …

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WordPress Bug Fixing: Some Common Errors


Are you having trouble with your WordPress site? It can be difficult to find bugs especially if you are not used to coding. There’s no need to worry though, this article is all about WordPress Bug Fixing. Here are some of the most common WordPress errors that I’ve encountered over time, and what I did …

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How to Undo Changes in WordPress


Do you ever make a change on your website only to find that it creates more problems than it solves? Do you want to know How to Undo Changes in WordPress? Then keep reading this blog post. The WordPress platform gives you the option of canceling unwanted changes in a number of ways. You can …

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17 Best Material Design WordPress Themes for (2022)


Do you want to construct a website for your business? Or do you want to upgrade an already existing website? Or are you just starting out in web designing, and you want to know the best material design WordPress themes? In any case, this article is for you. First of all, what is Material Design? …

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How to Reinstall WordPress: A Step by Step Guide


If you’re a blogger and WordPress is the backbone of your blog, then you know how important it can be to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, sometimes issues happen that make it difficult or impossible to get back up and running. Creating backups before any major changes helps with this, but what do you do …

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How to get Organic SEO traffic In 30 days?

How can we increase SEO traffic in 30 days? The following is a 30-day plan for increasing website traffic using SEO: Day 1 – Titile & Description Optimisations Make sure your title and description are optimized. The snippet on the Google Search results page is the first item a person sees when searching for a …

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7 Best Domain Registrars you should try in (2022)

Do you want to register your domain name with the finest domain name registrars in 2021? You may register your first domain name with one of the major domain name registrars listed below. The first step is to purchase a domain name for your blog or company; however, because some hosting giants give TLD’s domain …

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