Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in (2022)

In Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins, how WordPress is the platform of choice for many bloggers and website owners. It’s estimated to power 27% of the entire web more than any other CMS. But, as you start to build your site, you’ll need some plugins to help make things easier on you. Here’s a list of the 08 best WordPress plugins to help make your life easier!

Superior Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins:


Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

AAWP is one of the best amazon affiliate WordPress plugins on the market today. The plugin has been developed by a team of experienced developers for over four years.

The plugin offers a set of unique features that are tailored to meet the needs of different users.

For instance, AAWP provides an advanced WordPress SEO service as it integrates with many popular SEO plugins to offer comprehensive web optimization for your site.


  • You may generate tables for product comparison by combining several data fields.
  • Geo-Target your visitors to Amazon stores near them based on their location.
  • You may also use AdSense to display advertising on your website, where you want the advertisements to appear.


  • The user interface is not simple to use for newcomers. You might want to get acquainted with the plugin’s features and tools before diving in.
  • This plugin does not include a search option, therefore users must open Amazon separately to discover the goods.
  • For first-time purchasers and individuals using only one website, it might be costly.


Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

AzonPress is a popular Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin that allows you to add Amazon affiliate goods to your site in a matter of minutes. It’s fully WooCommerce compatible and comes with a slew of features, including automatic product imports, product widgets, affiliate link generation, and more.

AzonPress is the ideal plugin for anybody wanting to add Amazon affiliate WordPress Plugins to their site.


  • This plugin provides a variety of layouts that may be customized.
  • User-friendly
  • You may connect to as many affiliate connections as you want using this plugin.


  • They’re only concerned with responding to emails.

WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates)

Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

WZone, also known as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, is a plugin that connects your WooCommerce-based website with Amazon.

It may assist you in two ways to generate money from this connection.

The first benefit of using API Upsell is that it allows you to set up a type of pseudo dropshipping process in which Amazon items can be automatically connected as WooCommerce products.

Then, when someone goes to add an item to their cart, they will be sent to Amazon to purchase (and you’ll get the affiliate tracking cookie).

Second, you can establish a genuine drop shipping arrangement in which customers purchase items on your site. After that, you may order the product directly from Amazon to complete the purchase. This necessitates some manual work on your part, but it allows you full control over your margins rather than relying solely on the Amazon Associates fee.

The following are some other useful functions:

  • Amazon product reviews are shown in the right column of the search results.
  • Supported variable products.
  • Product descriptions can be automatically spin.
  • You may now simply sync and import goods without requiring a key by signing in to MySapience first.
  • Place badges on your store to show items that can be delivered quickly.

AmaLinks Pro

Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

AmaLinks Pro can help you insert text/image links, CTA buttons, and even entire product displays. Then, to stay in line with Amazon, you may sync any of the information you input. One benefit is that you’ll be able to accomplish this both with and without access to the Amazon API.

The shipping date is provided by Amazon, which eliminates the guesswork and ensures that the information is correct. All of this data comes straight from Amazon, so you’ll be in good shape if it comes to compliance. The built-in Google Analytics Event Tracking feature allows you to monitor product clicks in Google Analytics.

Finally, AmaLinksPro places a strong emphasis on following Amazon Associates’ stringent regulations, which helps keep you in Amazon’s good graces and ensures that money continues to flow.


  • Users may still earn money after the 90-day expiration date.
  • Because there is no standard API, you don’t need one.


  • To become more stable, some elements still require improvement.
  • For newcomers, premium accounts are a little pricey.


Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

A simple way to use Amazon affiliate links from the WordPress editor is available with EasyAzon. It supports any Amazon locale and allows you to quickly create text affiliate links as needed. It simply works with text connections.

If you want to use more features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version, which allows you to add:

  • If you have a WordPress blog, it’s time to optimize your assets. Through links to affiliate goods or services, you may drive traffic back to your site.
  • Information boxes for products
  • CTAs

Pretty Links

Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

The Pretty Links plugin, which is a freemium tool for cloaking and monitoring all links on your site, including affiliate links, is available. Pretty Links replaces affiliate links with ones that include your domain name and directs them temporarily (via a 302 or 307 redirect) or permanently (via a 301 redirect).

For each link, Pretty Links can create randomized shortened slugs or you may choose your custom slug to make your link appear cleaner and more reputable.

Pretty Links is, as the name suggests, a service that allows you to monitor your links and report them back through your WordPress admin dashboard. You can filter link tracking by the number of clicks per link or the number of unique clicks per link, just like with other options.


Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

The popular WordPress affiliate link cloaking plugin is ThirstyAffiliate. It allows you to quickly add Amazon affiliate links to your pages and posts. It includes an auto-link function that connects to your keywords automatically.

You may import/export affiliate links between your sites in a matter of seconds using the import option.

Additionally, the WordPress Affiliate Plugin is an affiliate marketing add-on that allows the website administrator to access useful reports and statistics. You may use these reports to improve your site’s affiliate links and make them more user-friendly.

Ultimate Blocks

Top 08 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2022

Ultimate Blocks is not a dedicated plugin for Amazon affiliates; rather, it’s an essential plugin for bloggers and marketers. It extends the functionality of the new WordPress Block Editor to make your content shine. In the end, it has a total of 18 Gutenberg blocks that will help you optimize your blog posts for more conversions. Let’s take a look at what the Ultimate Blocks plugin can do for you.

Table of Contents: Consider including a table of contents in your piller material or in-depth blog articles. It will aid readers in finding what they’re looking for faster. It’s also beneficial to SEO since Google displays a table of contents links in the SERPs.

Review Box: The schema-enabled ‘Review’ block allows you to add a review box to your blog posts. It provides you with a call-to-action button to encourage more purchases.

Buy On Amazon’ Button: The ‘Button (Improved)’ block allows you to add a brand color and icon to the ‘Buy On Amazon’ buttons.

Product Box: The Styled Box, Column (default), and Button (Improved) blocks.

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