5 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools for any site in 2022

Any gains will be by chance alone if you don’t have total insight into where your website’s traffic is coming from and how users are acting once they arrive. So, In this article, We will walk through the 5 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools for any Site in 2022.

Fortunately, site owners have access to a variety of website traffic statistics tools. They allow you to take a step back and look at the larger picture, allowing you to spot the rich seams of achievement.

You may mimic effective techniques to preserve your position if you use that information appropriately. However, that should simply serve as a starting point. You may play with the marketing levers to see how you can enhance things after you have a benchmark of site performance.

That may mean more targeted marketing, updating your blog, experimenting with different page layouts, speeding up your site, or any of the other hundreds of elements that influence how consumers progress through the sales funnel.

So, from the most simple website traffic tracker to the more involved premium services for when you’re more established, here are seven of our favorite analytics software options.

1. Google Search Console

5 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools for any site in 2022

Google Search Console is another free tool for analyzing your website’s traffic.

Search Console is a central location where you can control how Google treats your website. You can check which pages are included in the index as well as if Google’s crawlers encountered any mistakes while searching for your site.

The software gives a full list of the keywords for which your website ranks, as well as the ability to analyze performance over time to observe how your rankings change and which pages provide the most traffic to your site.

2. Ahrefs

5 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools for any site in 2022

Backlinks are used by Google to determine the importance of a website. In other words, the more high-quality links connecting to your site, the more likely it is to rank well. Isn’t it good to view the backlink profiles of your competitors? That’s one of Ahrefs’ responsibilities.

At a glance, you can see which pages of which sites are linking to you and your competitors, providing you a clear picture of where to seek quality backlinks. The “importance” of the back-linking pages will be indicated, as well as whether the links are followed or nofollow (similar to Alexa rank). It’s a terrific technique to locate low-hanging fruit that can help you increase your inbound links and authority. There’s also a free version to give you a taste of what’s available.

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3. Similar Web

5 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools for any site in 2022

Similar Web is a traffic intelligence tool that allows users to get a thorough look at the visitors to any website.

Unlike some of the other organizations on this list, Similar Web concentrates solely on website traffic analysis.

When you search for a website, you’ll obtain results divided into the parts below:

  • The website’s traffic is ranked globally, by nation, and by category in the Traffic Overview. Basic engagement statistics like average visit time, pages per visit, and bounce rate are also provided, as well as a regional breakdown of the website’s traffic and its main traffic sources.
  • Referrals: Find out which websites are referring users to your site, as well as the most frequent departure location when they leave.
  • Search: A deep examination of the top-performing sponsored and organic keywords on the website.
  • Social: Determine which social media platforms are bringing the most visitors to the website.
  • Display Advertising: This section contains a list of the publishers and ad networks that the website employs for display advertising.
  • Find out what additional categories the audience of your website is interested in. Audience Insights also provides a list of the other websites that the site’s users most frequently visit.
  • Competitors: This is a list of the website’s main competitors as well as other comparable websites.

A similar’s platform is available in both free and commercial editions.

SimilarWeb provides services focusing on search, display, and affiliate marketing if you want access to the whole range of data. There is also an enterprise plan that includes all of the features of these programs.

There is a free trial available, but it is just for one day, therefore I recommend planning ahead of time how you will test the solution to get the most out of it.

4. Ubersuggest

5 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools for any site in 2022

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a free and paid application that provides a wealth of website traffic statistics.

It’s simple to use, and the UI is designed with novices in mind. This program makes keyword research and traffic analysis relatively straightforward, even if you’ve never done it before.

The traffic analyzer function provides a full analysis of your competitor’s traffic over time, as well as the most popular pages on the site and the keywords that bring them the most traffic.

All you have to do is type in the URL of the website you wish to evaluate and hit the ‘Search’ button.

The ‘Traffic Overview’ page displays the overall amount of organic keywords for which the site ranks, as well as organic monthly traffic, domain authority, and backlinks.

You may also look at each area of the traffic report in further detail. Expand the ‘Top Pages’ results, for example, to get a breakdown of each published page on the site and the estimated monthly traffic it receives.

The anticipated number of backlinks, as well as the number of Facebook and Pinterest shares, are all included in the findings. This information offers you a broad idea of what you’ll need to do to outrank that page in the SERPs.

The tool’s free version offers you access to the last three months’ worth of data. Premium plans begin at $29 per month, making it one of the most affordable options on this list.

When you look at the traffic of competition, you may see:

  • Their total number of visitors and the evolution of their traffic over time
  • The search terms that are bringing in the most traffic
  • Their most popular pages
  • The avenues via which their guests arrive

Website traffic checkers are programs that allow you to examine the traffic of any website on the internet.

These traffic checkers collect data from a number of sources, including web spiders, ISPs, and browser extensions.

Because a lot of data is required to provide an accurate picture of a website’s performance, smaller sites may not appear when you search for them in a traffic checker.

Site checker tools, on the other hand, may be an invaluable asset for planning and expanding your business for websites with a consistent quantity of visitors.

Analyze the Most Important Website Traffic Metrics

So, while examining a website’s traffic, what should you check for?

There are various key indicators that provide valuable information into a website’s success and the techniques employed by the company.

The following are important website traffic metrics to examine:

  • The number of persons that visited a website at least once over a specific time period is referred to as unique visitors.
  • Pageviews: The total number of times a website’s pages have been viewed in a certain time period.
  • Organic search traffic refers to the amount of users who found a website using a search engine.
  • Average visit duration: The average amount of time spent on a website by each visitor.
  • The percentage of visitors that depart a website without seeing a second page is known as the bounce rate.
  • The internet channels that provide the most visits to the site are known as top traffic sources.

5. SEMRush

5 Best Traffic Monitoring Tools for any site in 2022

SEMRush is a full-featured marketing platform for internet enterprises.

From backlink research and content preparation to SEO audits and ranking tracking, the platform provides a comprehensive collection of capabilities.

One such tool is their Traffic Analytics product, which can be used to analyze the traffic of competitors’ websites.

SEMRush is available in both a premium and a free edition. You may examine up to 10 traffic overview reports each day using the free edition of SEMRush’s Traffic Analytics.

The overview tab will provide you key metrics for the website you’re looking at, such as:

  • Total visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Pages per visit
  • Average visit duration
  • Bounce rate

Bulk Traffic Analysis is a function that allows you to monitor the traffic for several websites at once. You may add up to 200 websites to a single report, which you can then export as a .csv file.

Additional traffic reports can provide even more information, such as:

  • Audience Insights: To acquire a deeper idea of a competitor’s audience, see which websites their users frequent as well.
  • Discover how your rivals get traffic to their websites and who their top referring sites are. You can also observe which websites visitors go to after leaving a competitor’s website.
  • Top Pages: A report of a website’s top-performing pages can provide insight into what is working best for it. You may also see the items or services the company is advertising, as well as the channels via which it is doing so.
  • Geo Distribution: Examine which nations are responsible for the majority of a website’s traffic and how user behaviour varies by country.

With the free version of SEMRush, you are only able to see a sample of the data in the report. In the Top Pages tab, for example, you’ll only get the first 10 results for the website you’re looking at.

To establish an account, you’ll need to provide your email address, phone number, and password. The next step is to provide your billing information, which will be used to set up regular payments. When you submit the information, you will not be charged, and your trial will begin.

For 14 days, you’ll receive full access to SEMRush’s 45 marketing tools to help you develop your company. If you decide not to continue with your plan after the trial period has expired, you may cancel it at any moment throughout the 14-day term.


Should you have precise and extensive information on the visitors to your website? Undoubtedly. You must comprehend your visitors, their origins, and what draws them to your website. You should keep in mind, though, that you may learn from your rivals as well.

Website traffic checker software comes in helpful in this situation. Learning from more experienced content makers is critical. Examine which keywords generate the most traffic and what works and what doesn’t. Finally, apply what you’ve learned to improve your gateway.

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